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Pride Parade in Caracas

PDVSA, Venezuela
Pride Parade in Caracas

No big corporate sponsors or elaborate floats in Venezuela’s annual Pride Parade, just thousands of energetic youth adorned with colors and calling for LGBTQ rights.

Adolfo Henrique Ledo Nass

By Katrina Kozarek Jul 1st 2019 at 8.31pm On Sunday, June 30, the LGBTQ community gathered in Caracas to celebrate the 19th Annual Pride Parade. Young people from the barrio were, by far, the majority in this year’s celebration. They gathered, by the thousands, with home-made costumes and props, body paint and rainbow flags to sing, embrace, kiss and dance their way from Parque del Este to the party held in Zona Rental in central Caracas.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

There were no private funders for this Pride Parade, but no one lamented the lack of corporate-sponsored spectacles and floats or expensive food and alcohol stands.

Adolfo Ledo

Pride March organizers also gathered signatures to demand that the National Constituent Assembly promote legislation to guarantee gender identity rights, parental rights for same-sex parents, and the inclusion of the LGBTQI in social programs and policies. 

Younger generations filled this year's Pride March “If you read this, you are gay…” Lesbian mother “Your expectations of what is normal are not my fault.” Creative Expressions img_0217.jpg img_0331.jpg Trans woman img_0253.jpg Tiuna El Fuerte animates Pride March LGBTI youth loving the camera Holding hands A safe place for affection… Mother shows support for her lesbian daughter. mvi_0337.mov_.00_00_02_17.still001.jpg LGBTI community is also proud to be Venezuelan Young couple offer “Free Kisses” Creative Expression Some marchers identified with PSUV img_0327.jpg TRANSgresoras img_0325.jpg “I'm 100% Hetero and I support the LGBTI community!” Lesbian couple “Love is love” Organizers img_0347.jpg Thousands gathered in Zona Rental for the Pride celebration. img_0363.jpg Celia Cruz made an appearance at this years Pride. img_0372.jpg img_0375.jpg Signatures collected for collective demands of LGBTQI community Pride March, Av. Francisco Solano López “I didn't know that loving and being yourself was a crime…” Rainbow banners reigned in Pride March A collective hug.. Venezuela Igualitaria mvi_0311.mov_.00_00_00_00.still001.jpg Dancing in the streets Topics Gender and Sexuality Tags Gay Pride Short URL :  This work is licensed under a Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives Creative Commons license