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New Hospital Will Be Disaster-Proof

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New Hospital Will Be Disaster-Proof


Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Dominica, His Excellency LU Kun

The new Dominica China Friendship Hospital is reportedly natural disaster-proof.

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This is according to Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, His Excellency, Lu Kun.

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He told the ceremony, “The quality of the structure is high standard. It can withstand minor and larger earthquakes. If a major earthquake happens, it will not collapse.”

He added, “It is hurricane-proof. The initial design was not hurricane proof but after hurricane Maria, both governments decided to build a hurricane-proof hospital. The Chinese Government is actively supporting the call of Prime Minister Skerrit to build a climate- resilient nation so we changed the design to include a concrete roof.”

Ambassador LU says hurricane-proof windows and doors are part of the hospital’s features.

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Additionally, he says the hospital is being built according to top standards; that it reflects Chinese pride and dignity and so Dominicans be assured of the quality of the product.

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“We want to guarantee the safety of every doctor, nurse and patient in the hospital,” Ambassador LU assures.

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A helipad and helicopter are named for phase 2 of the project. According to Ambassador Lu, this is all at the request of Hon Prime Minister Skerrit.

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Hon Skerrit says in these times, disaster planning ought to be part of every decision

“Climate change is real and it is ruthless,” he says. “We can no longer refer to hurricane Maria as a freak event or one-in-a-generation storm. Preparing for the worst must be second nature for every citizen of this country and I am proud that under this Government, our infrastructure is being fortified to supplement our efforts to be resilient in the face of natural disasters.”