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Attorney Calls For Intervention Into Breaches Of SOE

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Attorney Calls For Intervention Into Breaches Of SOE

Just over one week since the implementation of  a State of  Emergency in St Catherine and Clarendon, there are allegations that persons are being arrested and detained in flagrant breach of  the Constitution as well as the regulations under the Emergency Powers Act.  

Attorney-at-Law, Isat Buchanan, is asserting that urgent intervention is needed to stop these breaches which have caused more than twenty men to be in custody for significantly longer periods than what the law allows, without being charged or seen by an officer of  the court.

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He made the claims yesterday on RJR’s Beyond The Headlines

Buchanan complained that situations exist where persons who were arrested earlier this year and granted bail, are being targeted and maliciously taken back into custody under the State of  Emergency

He made reference to at least two such cases of  which he is aware, and has declared that he will be raising the issue at the political level

He also disclosed that two detainees who were previously held under the State of Emergency in the St Catherine North division, and are now in custody under the State of  Emergency

He alleges that based on his information the regulations are being flagrantly breached in relation to these two detainees

Meanwhile, Buchanan indicated he has made a formal complaint about the beating of  one detainee which he alleges was facilitated by some of  those who placed him in custody under this State of  Emergency

He said the detainee, who is from Clarendon, was seriously injured by the beating