Woman throws husband’s salary, wedding band in offering plate

— seeks police intervention after pastor refuses to return items A WOMAN, who threw her husband’s monthly pay cheque and her wedding band into an offering plate, at a well-known Deliverance Ministry church in Berbice, is seeking the police intervention to retrieve them, after the pastor said he could not return the offering.

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The pastor reportedly told the woman “to have faith and believe God for whatever breakthrough or miracle that is needed”.

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But the woman, fearing that God would not grant the miracle, rushed to Berbice Police Divisional Headquarters for assistance.

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She bolted to the station after her husband gave her an ultimatum to recover his money and wedding band or “go and live with the pastor”.

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The husband, who works at an interior location, returned home and realised that none of the bills were paid.

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“No food was in the house,” he told relatives. Thereafter, he enquired from his unemployed wife and was told that she threw it in the offering basket.

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The married mother of three became a follower of the church which has several branches along the coastlines of the Ancient County

This newspaper was told that after services, members of the fast-growing congregation would make large financial contributions, in return for huge blessings